Auburn, AL

About Me:

I am a senior at Auburn University pursuing a Wireless Engineering Degree.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Currently I am working with Auburn University on their UAVs updating and assembling new aircraft. The purpose for our UAVs are to implement collision avoidance algorithms to have multiple planes flying in a confined area autonomously.


Orange Beach, AL

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Justin Mayfield posted a discussion
I have only worked with the APM's a little but from what I have seen there is a difference in some of the flight charactics. My question for you guys is which one do you think is the better setup? Currently we are using a Bixler setup but I think…
Sep 6, 2012
Justin Mayfield posted a discussion
So I am trying to get the autopilot on the APM2 board to fly my rc plane and have thus far only been able to crash it.Manual mode works fine, but whenever the APM2 chip is requires, it seems as if the plane just spirals downward (not like a…
Jun 7, 2012
Justin Mayfield posted a discussion
Our problem is when the autopilot is activated in any of the modes it just circles. It does not just circle at a GPS location it drifts and looses altitude as well. We use the Easy Star airframes with APM 1.4 and APM 2.0 with the xbees. Currently we…
Apr 22, 2012