Candler, NC

About Me:

Welder for over 30 years. Live in western NC. Too old to be playing with toys and too old for this much stress.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I got interested in quadcopters about a year ago when I bought one at WalMart. After I crashed and repaired it about a dozen times, it don't fly no more. So I started building one of my own. Now, I'm addicted.


Candler, NC.

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Keith Burgess posted a discussion
Is it necessary to use low mah FS if I am using a Low Volt FS? I have my low volt failsafe set but the drone comes back and lands long before reaching low voltage. I think the low mah failsafe could be the cause. I would like to know if there is a…
Aug 5, 2020
Keith Burgess posted a discussion
I'm using Pixhawk and added 2 GPS receivers however, only one of them is receiving signals. The first is pluged into the Serial 3 (GPS) port and the I2C port. The second is plugged into the serial 4 and 5 port. GPS_AUTO_CONFIG is set to 1.…
Jul 23, 2020