About Me:

I live in Northern Ireland and have an interest in all things flying :)

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have been flying RC for years for fun and photography and am embarking on FPV and UAV projects as we speek.



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Kieran Donnelly commented on Laurent Eschenauer's blog post A consumer flying camera based on a ducted fan UAV design
"My experience with ducted airflow, especially with the level of shielding you propose, is that they are unbelievably noisy. How would you get around that?"
Jun 11, 2015
Kieran Donnelly commented on HeliStorm's blog post As Eric Clapton Once Said...
"The camera was a Technika SH-7065. I glued an 8 gram servo above the shutter wired to my gear switch. I just kept the plane hovering in the wind an shot away like mad. Then using AutoPano Giga I just dumped all the images into a folder and scanned…"
Jul 16, 2013
Kieran Donnelly commented on HeliStorm's blog post As Eric Clapton Once Said...
"Very nice pics! It's amazing what you can do with cheap equipment. The image below (save a copy to see it properly) was shot on a £7 camer from Asda (Wallmart for you yanks :) on a fixed wing hovering in strong winds. I think there are about 20 - 30…"
Jul 15, 2013
Kieran Donnelly replied to Taylor Cox's discussion HK camera mount?
"I use the HobbyKing pan/til mount on my fixed wing aircraft (which is mentioned on the arducoper wiki) but I would like to know if there is a similar tilt/roll mount on sale anywhere?!?"
Jan 1, 2011
Kieran Donnelly posted a discussion
I was looking at the hexa frame beta here:http://store.fahpah.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=achxgrmv101C... anyone with experience with hexa setups tell me, is it possible to lift a DSLR such as a cannon 5D and maintain usable flight…
Jan 1, 2011