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Flight mode input channel

Where in the source code is what assigns the rc in to the flight mode? I can see in the comments of the mode what pwm is set to that channel but cant find where the actual pwm value is encoded.

// @Param: FLTMODE2
// @DisplayName: Flight Mode 2
// @De

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10 channel pixhawk

I need to make a pixhawk accept 10 separate RC channels. 3 axis flight, 3 axis gimbal, flight mode, zoom, landing gear, and a panic button. I have also created the zoom function in the pixhawk but need to find how to set the channel for it in the mis

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Serial control

I have a program for an Arduino pro mini that converts pwm to a serial code that controls a camera. I need to get that same output from the telem2 port on a pixhawk. I am having difficulty locating the section of code that will write serial control d

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New RC channel?

How do I add a parameter and assign a rc channel to it?

I have altered the gimbal earth frame code to accept a mode and a zoom input in AP_Mount_Backend.cpp bit can't find how to get that input.

The MNT_JSTICK_SPD parameter in the mission planner has t

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code hunting

I'm trying to find the particular piece of code that controls input for a gimbal. What I need is the pan tilt roll and zoom inputs and the particular variable that they update. This is for a hexacopter using a Pixhawk. What I am trying to accomplish

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