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I am the president of Agrolytic, a startup who's mission is to enable the agriculture industry to conveniently leverage the latest big data processing methodologies to achieve deeper insights and higher levels of efficiency. I graduated from Purdue Agriculture, received a masters in remote sensing, GIS and environmental modeling from the University of Nebraska and have over 20 years of experience in distributed software development and big data processing for commercial applications.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Enabling growers and other segments of the agriculture industry to effectively leverage UAVs in combination with other data sources to extract management insights.


Fort Wayne, IN

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Kyle Forbes replied to zk876's discussion Experimenting with NDVI , fiji + photoscan in Agricultural UAVs
"Most folks are stitching multiple images for any significantly-sized field.  It really depends on the resolution you need.
How many photos make up your orthophoto?  If the original image is 4000x3000, and the ortho is 7500 x 15000, it feels like…"
Feb 12, 2015
Kyle Forbes replied to zk876's discussion Experimenting with NDVI , fiji + photoscan in Agricultural UAVs
"Without having the original files, it's hard to say exactly what is happening, but basically it appears that you're losing fidelity in the stitched image so that all of the values end up being a little higher.  
What resolution is your exported…"
Feb 11, 2015
Kyle Forbes commented on Kyle Forbes's blog post Agrolytic: Cloud processing service for UAV agriculture data
"Hey Cala!  Since most commonly we see people out flying infrared cameras, we currently support a biomass/leaf area view and a vegetation health view.  The examples you see in our video are from our vineyard flights last summer. We did five flights…"
Jan 25, 2015
Kyle Forbes posted a blog post
Our team at Agrolytic spent the 2014 growing season in the fields, working with growers, and flying UAVs with different sensors. Our single goal was to create a practical, online service that empowers growers to benefit from the latest in sensor and…
Jan 24, 2015