Choctaw, OK

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Electrical Engineer, with an interest in computers.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Just learning about RC planes and love the idea of an autopilot (for failsafe return!!)


Oklahoma City, OK. USA

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Larry posted a discussion
APM 2.5 plus the 3DR radio telemetry works great, now I want to add my MinimOSD board.The MinimOSD board reads MAVLink messages from its RX pin and request rates from APM on the ArduPilot "telem" port. (Port 0 implied). The APM2.5 board 3DR radio…
Aug 26, 2012
Larry replied to Heino R. Pull's discussion Ardustation 2 Version 2.0.15 Release - Adds Mavlink 1.0 Support
"Ardustation Users, is the Ardustation compatable with the newer 3DR radio telemetry receivers? I notice the Ardustation seems to have a place on the back for an XBee, how would I interface it to a 3DR instead. I intend to use the Ardustation to…"
Aug 16, 2012