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Apprentice Drone kit conversion



Because E-Flight Apprentice RC is very popular airplane and the fact that you can buy any replacement part for it I decided to design a 3D printed kit that would turn it into a Drone. The kit blends perfectly with the wing, it gives you easy access to the electronics from the top and also increases the wingspan by 3 inches. I am using the APM 2.6 but it could be used with any other autopilot, there is plenty of room, on the front I have a grill to let the air cool off the electronics and also a flat spot to install your GoPro or any other camera. I will have some kits available soon but you can also do it yourself, 3D printed frame available at

Appreciate any comments.


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APM2 survive 20 minutes in the water


Lost control of my Quad a couple months ago and it landed in a nearby pond, me and my kid(pictured) spent like 20 minutes in a cold 4 ft deep body of water looking for it. I really thought that I had lost everything. We finally found it and it was still beeping, we pulled off the battery plug immediately and just could not believe how in the world this happened. Anyways, got home and placed all the electronics in a container full of rice to suck the humidity off, after a few days we decided to turn the power on and see what kind of damage had occurred, to our surprise the only thing we had lost was 2 ESCs..(very lucky)..  

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3DR Quad suspension


Hey everyone, it always bothered me when my Quad hit the ground hard, so I started looking on a way to add a suspension to it and after 2 weeks of trying, this is what I came up with:

I got some shock absorbing from a 1/10 scale buggy and added wheels, one on each side of each leg with a total of 8, they are very light (used on some airplanes like Apprentice etc). Had to 3D print some parts to hold the shocks on the Arm, I also printed the Sonar support. I am very happy with the result of the suspension. To test it I cut the power off at about 2 feet high and it hit the ground but it doesn't bounce at all (the shocks absorb all the impact). I'm very satisfied with the results, and I just wanted to share.3689453090?profile=original3689453021?profile=original3689453097?profile=original

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