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Copter pauses during Auto flight

We have several DJI S900's using Pixhawks, and in the past couple of months, we've noticed the copter "pausing", or at least wide swings in speed from the planned speed. This seems coupled with the inability to hold the planned altitude very well.  A

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Exposure rate limitations

I can't seem to get my S100 to take pictures much faster than an expourse every two seconds or so. I'm using the "trigger by distance" method to trigger from the autopilot. I think I've disabled all the camera features that might slow down the camera

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Plane always flies to right of waypoints

3691121799?profile=originalDoes anyone know what might cause the plane (Skywalker 2014 with pixhawk, 3dr gps/compass) to always fly to the right of the waypoints?  This results in my planned flight lines being alternately too close, then too far, apart.  This happens every fli

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No output to servos, except in Manual mode

I found this topic in "troubleshooting", but the suggestions didn't help.

The plane has been working fine in FBWA, auto, etc., but would only operate in manual mode today.  I don't see any errors in HUD or from telemetry logs. 

I DID make a change toda

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