Chula Vista, CA

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Aspiring drone and R/C plane and helicopter pilot. Basically, it’s like I got accepted into flight school, but it’s my first day.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

First of all, I am really interested in the idea of flying drones and R/C aircraft using a stick, throttle, and rudder pedal setup, while wearing goggles that would allow me to look around as if I was in the cockpit. Being a Formula 1 fan, I know cameras exist that can give you a 180 degree x 360 degree “viewing capability.” (Basically, they’re shaped like half a marble.) You can buy access to these camera feeds and look around 360 degrees in terms of rotation, and 180 degrees in terms of looking up and around. I’m actually doing business already, in terms of installing these cameras into R/C cars for friends and friends of friends, etc., who want a true first-person POV driving experience. (I.e. Goggles linked to the camera. If you put two back to back, you can seamlessly look down and around but there’s not much to see, I haven’t gotten any requests for that kind setup. But it would be perfect for a quad drone or other R/C aircraft.) I even set up an LLC along with the IP rights to the way I do my installs. So…with drones becoming more and more prevalent in this day and age, I really want to bring my drone/R/C plane/R/C helicopter flying skills up to the simulator flight skills I’ve acquired from countless “flight hours” accumulated since I was a kid with stick, throttle, and rudder pedal setups, with the sims I used ranging from Microsoft Flight Simulator to a helicopter gunship sim (e.g. you could outfit a Blackhawk with winglets carrying hellfires and rockets) to a sim called A-10 Tank Killer. I’ve pulled off carrier landings on a sim that lets you choose from a myriad of planes, but my favorite was/is the F-14.


San Diego, California

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