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Modify plane fuselage (extend)

Hi - Not sure if anyone has done this but I'm looking in the future to get a X-UAV Talon, however these are quite fast moving planes so im using an easystar for the moment - wjat I would like to do though is to cut away parts of the fuselage and add

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Arduplane limited servo movement

Hi - Not sure if thats a good title but here goes - I have built a plane with pixhawk and arduplane installed - all is working fine but I have one simple problem - When I move the elevator and rudder in stabilized mode using the sticks on the tx the

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Throttle response adjustment


My quads flying well after being built last week - I'm using Pixhawk with it but I seem to have a problem with the throttle - I'm constantly having to adjust the throttle as the quad will not stay in a hover - with the same throttle it will start

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