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Traditional Heli for photography, Fixed wing for photography, crop dusting, agriculture.

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Mark Harris replied to Mark Harris's discussion Warning for agriculture pilots - crash caused fire
"I'm looking at using LiFe cells. The prismatic packs (plastic bagged like lipos) worry me a bit, so i'm looking at the cylindrical metal cells for UAV applications.

That being said, here is an excerpt from the A123 whitepaper:
Mar 2, 2014
Mark Harris posted a discussion
So, I was test flying a newly built Skyhunter today before putting cameras in it, the Ruby autopilot appears to have freaked out, rolled the plane inverted, full throttle into the ground. Last data point was 111km/h. This resulted in my first lipo…
Mar 2, 2014
Mark Harris replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion Helicopter Avionics Power Supply
"I run my 600 heli with the servos directly powered from the battery, even with 1.4F of capacitance on the RX with a 7A BEC, a bunch of rapid head servo movements will drop the voltage enough to cause the DragonLink to brownout and reboot. The APM…"
Feb 12, 2013
Mark Harris posted a discussion
Hi All,I'm trying to get my first ArduPilot up and running on a TREX600. I've just flashed my APM2.5 board with Trad Heli 2.9.1 through the mission planner and I think I have everything setup right. Everything moves where it is meant to move.My…
Feb 10, 2013