San Marcos, CA

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Flew many kinds of RC aircraft for about 30+ years ( Planes, Helis, Wings etc etc ). Software developer for 26 years. Tinkered with many different embedded platforms for the past couple of years. Started a couple video surveillance software companies. Want to turn my RC helicopters into mobile video surveillance platforms ;)

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Interested in learning how UAV systems work


San Diego, CA

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Mark Lewis commented on Pål Møst's blog post Quadcopter performing visual guided autonomous landing.
Jan 30, 2014
Mark Lewis replied to Steve Dolinsky's discussion Making progress when solving a MAVlink issue, but I've hit a wall. Can DIY Drones offer any insight?
"are you sending binary data or ascii data ?  perhaps the data being sent is binary and will show up as gibberish ?"
Jan 14, 2014
Mark Lewis replied to Mike Mac's discussion Windows 8
"I'm using windows8 for my development and it seems to be working fine.  However, I'd definitely recommend you take a look at http://www.classicshell.net/ to get your machine looking like a regular windows machine.  That new windows8 interface is a…"
Jan 13, 2014
Mark Lewis replied to Clifford Davis's discussion I have 2 traditional rc helis should I make them drones or go with a purpose built? I'm new to this...

I'm in the same boat as you.  I have a T-rex 550e and also a Bergen gasser ( 26cc gasoline engine ).  I'm thinking of working with the smaller T-rex first, but I'd love to get the gasser going too eventually.  I just bought the arduino board…"
Jan 4, 2014