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Mark R Callegari replied to Chris Anderson's discussion Discussion forum for UAVDevBoard, Sparkfun's 3-axis IMU-based autopilot board
I am trying to setup a UDB4 for my electric A10 Warthog.  I have the new code downloaded, compiled and installed.  I have all the electronics including the radio and servos setting on my bench.  After powerup I get the double wag of the…"
Apr 17, 2012
Mark R Callegari posted a discussion
Hello, I received my Audustation today and assembled it.  I guess I assumed the firmware would already be programmed into the chip.  I should have looked closer.  I see now that only a bootloader is programmed.  So I have two questions.  1) What PC…
Sep 7, 2011
Mark R Callegari posted a discussion
Greetings, I was wondering if the Nav board will work without the GPS module?  My main use would be for improved flight performance (stabilization mainly).  I have several planes and I'm going to put the full setup with GPS in one of them, but if it…
Apr 11, 2010