Greentown, PA

About Me:

I’m a business professional with diverse interests including but not limited to green farming, classic vehicles, solar power generation and R/C aircraft. My home and farm is in northern Pennsylvania, situated adjacent to the Delaware State Forest.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

We deal with forest fire regularly. We also have Interstate 84 in our area with regular hazmat traffic. As assistant chief to our local volunteer fire department, I’m interested in the development and construction of a low cost FPV as a reliable aerial platform fitted with thermal imaging capability, to assist fire fighters in locating fire in difficult woodland terrain. Often, a forest full of smoke does not easily revel the fire and air assets are not always available and costly to operate.


Greentown Pa.

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Mark Richards commented on Timothy Reuter's blog post An Open Letter to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt on Drones
"I might add, Mr. Schmitt, by your reasoning sir, Google is a threat to everyone by virtue of the fact that all freely exchanged knowledge is dangerous in the hands of murderers. Ergo. ban drones, ban fire arms, and search engines.  
Or get real,…"
Apr 30, 2013