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Rx RSSI parameters request


I have FRSky which seems to output 0-3v for their RSSI, whereas APM 2.5 code seems to use 0-5v

I'm not a programmer, but I can see it would need a small code tweak to rescale the 0-5v range to 0-3 by multiplying it by 0.6. Correct?

Optionally, it wo

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3DR Power Module Accuracy

How accurate is the 3DR power Module?We set our Mission Planner warning to go off at 13.5 v on a 4s 8000mah battery.We had only used 25% of the battery and cruising draw was just 5A, but we were getting low voltage warnings. When we knocked the throt

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Circle mode failsafe error in code.

I flew my first apm flight today and noticed a possible error in the way fail safe and circle mode works. It almost resulted in the loss of my aircraft.Firstly, does circle mode circle around the GPS location it was engaged in? Or does the circle jus

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Radio modems

Hi all,I've been "loitering" for a few days and reading all the posts, and I have a question about Radio Modems.Could someone please give me a good rundown of what they are capable of?From the info at these forums, I see that they are used as the up/

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