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APM 2.6 Radio Calibration Confusion.


I have just started assembling my setup
that includes the 3DR APM 2.6 + GPS/MAG
combo. I am running into a snag.

My setup:

-FrySky (D8RII Plus) + Turnigy 9XR

I have only the signal wires coming from
my reciever into the input rails of the APM.
I can te

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Show your setup!


Still working on a tray to mount all of the electronics on. What is not pictured is is 2 voltage monitors for the lipos, and the other battery. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears. Hopefully the electronics on the top that close to each other

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Servo Jitterbugs! APM 2.6 / GPS/Mag combo.


So I attempted to integrate my new APM 2.6 on a Foamie Mig-29 (Banana Hobby). I originally had every thing hooked up right, the signal wires from each corresponding channel going from the receiver to the input rails, then on the output rails I

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New APM 2.5+ Issues

Hello all!

I just received my fancy new APM 2.5 from 3DR, and I must say that it is sweet goodness. Although I am having some issues:

*NOTE* CLI Works only on first connect of power, log download only over USB
Opened com port

Init ArduPlane V2.73

Free RAM

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3DR U-Blox LEA-6 Store availability


I was wondering if anyone had any info on the disappearance of the 3DR U-Blox LEA-6 from the store? I Was getting ready to purchase an APM 2.5 combo and noticed that the only option now is the Mediatek GPS. Any one have an details on why it is

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