Winston Salem, NC

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Graduate student using Arduplane and Arducopter for remote sensing platforms.


Winston Salem

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Max Messinger replied to Dave Shrader's discussion Gas Hybrid Quad Rotor UAV?
"Someone may have already posted this, but the Director of National Intelligence's IARPA program is actively working on this.

I spoke with the former program manager and they were making progress…"
Jan 26, 2015
Max Messinger replied to Euan Ramsay's discussion Alexmos + APM - anyone tried it yet?
"I don't have the 3 axis, only 2. I could certainly see how the yaw input would be very helpful with the 3 axis. I suppose the compass yaw control is necessary to avoid accumulation of error in the IMU measurements since there isn't gravity in the…"
Mar 3, 2014
Max Messinger replied to Jarrett Totton's discussion Aerial Image Processing Software and Workflows

I use Photoscan Pro and it works superbly. When we were deciding what to get I evaluated VisualSFM and Pix4UAV as well. Visual SFM produces nice 3D products but has no native mosaic export feature and does not georeference natively. It is…"
Mar 2, 2014
Max Messinger replied to Manuel Llano's discussion Photogrammetry flight planing using Canon sx260 HS

The calculations are a bit extensive, but Mission Planner has basically solved the problem. In the flight planner tab you can right click, select Survey (Grid), and then tell it you have an SX260, tell it what altitude you'll be flying at,…"
Mar 2, 2014
Max Messinger replied to Euan Ramsay's discussion Alexmos + APM - anyone tried it yet?
"I have used the Alexmos board pretty extensively and never used the APM to augment it. Stabilization by the board and its included IMU is excellent so I never saw a need to. I did hook up pitch control to APM for obvious reasons, but thats it.

Mar 2, 2014
Max Messinger posted a discussion
Hey all,I've been a follower of the community for a while but have just now found an opportunity to post something. Forgive me in advance for the newbie question as I'm a ecologist/remote sensing guru first who also happens to operate a few drones…
Mar 2, 2014