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The Hunter-Vtail 500mm frame, available from, is constructed in black G10 and uses aluminum standoffs. It uses an unusual arrangement of motors, with which "the yaw autority is not only managed by the torque of the motors, back motor are producing a vector of thrust that push the tail of the copter one side or another, so it move really fast. Another great thing is, the center frame go way in the front allowing you to place a camera to fly FPV or film a HD image ( such Gopro camera ) that will not see propeller !" [sic]


It should be noted that the vendor recommends the use of the Rushduino Flight Control board, and this frame and configuration has not been tested with APM yet.

Selling at $95 Canadian, maybe some members would consider buying some of these for a developer or two who might consider spending some time working out APM support for this frame? Any volunteers for either role (donating frames, coding/testing APM support?)





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