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Hi all,
my Name is Mike, living in Berlin Germany. Rc flying now 2 Years. Some Koax Helis and Jan 2010 to now Quadrocopter. The Conrad Quadrocopter 450. A good cheap Device to start . What you all programmed here and can handle its amazing. But most ready Quadrocopters ARF have Gyros already integrated and fly good.
But there is now the wish to have Position & Altitude Hold Device for my CoCo. I have no expirence to programming and so. But you Folks can made it happen. All these ArduPilot , UAVDevBoards confuse me a little.
Can someone programm , I think the ArduPilot will work, it so that i can connect 4 Sevochannels in and out to my Mainboard. Throttle / Nick / Roll / Yaw . Then when switch the Ardu via a 5 Ch on, it controls the Position and altitude ? Nothin more. NO Comming home, NO Map Route flying and and............
We, I mean all simple Quadrocopter Pilots are still waiting for that.
A UPAHD ( Universal-Position-Altitude-Hold-Device )

Mails welcome rc_heli_halle@freenet.de

Michael Abraham German
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