Hi all,
my Name is Mike, living in Berlin Germany. Rc flying now 2 Years. Some Koax Helis and Jan 2010 to now Quadrocopter. The Conrad Quadrocopter 450. A good cheap Device to start . What you all programmed here and can handle its amazing. But most ready Quadrocopters ARF have Gyros already integrated and fly good.
But there is now the wish to have Position & Altitude Hold Device for my CoCo. I have no expirence to programming and so. But you Folks can made it happen. All these ArduPilot , UAVDevBoards confuse me a little.
Can someone programm , I think the ArduPilot will work, it so that i can connect 4 Sevochannels in and out to my Mainboard. Throttle / Nick / Roll / Yaw . Then when switch the Ardu via a 5 Ch on, it controls the Position and altitude ? Nothin more. NO Comming home, NO Map Route flying and and............
We, I mean all simple Quadrocopter Pilots are still waiting for that.
A UPAHD ( Universal-Position-Altitude-Hold-Device )

Mails welcome rc_heli_halle@freenet.de

Michael Abraham German
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  • as i said, you should probably take out the existing control system for your copter and get the ArduPilot Mega, imu shield, magnometer and gps (all are in the diy drones store except toe ardupilot mega, witch is at sparkfun) code and instructions can be found here : http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/announcing-arducopter-the
    sorry i couldn't help that much
  • Hi,
    so how difficult it is now ?? GPS and Magnetometer .
    Is there a solution possible ?
    Everyone a Idea ????????
  • Even if you don't intend to control yaw, you will probably still need a magnetometer in order for position hold to work. When the quadrotor senses that it is a certain distance from the desired hold position, it has to somehow know which direction to go to get back. If it doesn't know which way it is pointing, it will have no way of knowing which control inputs are required, and it can't always assume it is pointing in the same direction.
  • Hi marshall, I think I need no Magnetometer, because the Yaw is not to controlled by the Device. Really only Position and altitude Hold, because when I filma Video I turn always round in a circle. When you can modify the code, perfect. When you are ready I buy a ardupilot ?? and send it to you and you can Programm it for me ??

  • i just realised you will also need a magnetometer to tell which way your copter is pointing, otherwise it may think north is right when its really left. and the magnetometer puts this whole project out pf my programming range, sorry ,also it will add cost to the device you are probably better off buying an arducopter control system.
  • possibly im fairly new to all this too but i guess since practice makes perfect i can try, but seince i only have a plane not a quad i can't make sure it will work. once i get my ardupilot i can probably modify part of the ardupilot code to do what you want.
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    Buy an Arducopter when they are released, it should have everything built in.
  • Hi, and Thanks. Ok ardupilot. But I cant do programming. I have no expirience to do this. Can you do this marshall for me ?
  • its probably doable with the ardupilot and a gps, but the programming may be a little tough and there will be some drift, about a maximum of ten feet but normally around 4 feet. this setup will cost around $70 but you will also need a programmer adding $20 to the cost.
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