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ArduPilot failsafe RTL in case of out of RC range

Hello,My new board has arrived (thank you Chris) and is working fine. I am an FPV flyer at the first place and automatic RTL mode is so tempting for me... Arduilot doesnt want to cooperate with my Corona RP8D1 in case of loosing RC signal. I added two little friends to the wire mess inside my small FPV platform.This is one of them:

First one is added between IN CTRL of ArduPilot and RC Rx. Second one between CPD4 RMT and Rx. This way I am not afraid of loosing the airplane during long runs.I think most of todays RC transmitters would benefit from such setup.
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Merging devices: ArduPilot + OSD

I am happy user of OSD by Remzibi and ArduPilot (though Ardu not tested yet).OSD comes with MTK 5Hz 5V GPS. Info about this GPS here.It would be very nice to have both devices sharing GPS. They should be set to 9600 and require additional cable. Both masses should be connected and signal cable should be plugged into GPS, OSD and ArduPilot via servo cable. I managed to get fix with blue LOCK LED. The example of working OSD:
.Next task is to connect software GPS emulator that comes with OSD to ArduPilot via OTI cable. Despite it is able to generate pure NMEA code, the fix LED in ArduPilot remain unlit now.I would like to test ArduPilot with this emulator and then make some trials with real models.Best regardsMichal
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