Merging devices: ArduPilot + OSD

I am happy user of OSD by Remzibi and ArduPilot (though Ardu not tested yet).OSD comes with MTK 5Hz 5V GPS. Info about this GPS here.It would be very nice to have both devices sharing GPS. They should be set to 9600 and require additional cable. Both masses should be connected and signal cable should be plugged into GPS, OSD and ArduPilot via servo cable. I managed to get fix with blue LOCK LED. The example of working OSD:
.Next task is to connect software GPS emulator that comes with OSD to ArduPilot via OTI cable. Despite it is able to generate pure NMEA code, the fix LED in ArduPilot remain unlit now.I would like to test ArduPilot with this emulator and then make some trials with real models.Best regardsMichal
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  • Admin
    Hi Michal,
    Any updates on your test ? they are lot of ppl who would be happy to hear about ur tests , or did u post it else were? Thanks
  • Thank you HappyKillmore - I will update the tests info after my holidays.
  • Also, some people have had trouble with uploading the HEX and BIN files from laptops. If you download the latest software (found here you can use the "MegaLOAD" software to do the upload instead.
  • Here is a sample output from my Emulator

  • Michal, Remzibi is currently working on the ArduPilot interface for his OSD. I wrote the PC configuration software and the GPS Emulator. If there's anything you need changed or added, I'd be happy to help! I'll post my current GPS strings here in a moment. It appears I already have the fix flag set to 1.
  • Now when I got ArduPilot working I will try to get rid of RF noise that comes from both OSD and ArduPilot. This is the only obstackle that prevent me from flying with both devices.
    A few days ago my friend come with o'scope and we measured RF noise comming through power lines of ArduPilot. In the point where GPS should be connected there was really big RF mess. There was a noise from 11 to 14 kHz with 0.5V amplitude. When I try to connect OSD and AP together (via GPS sharing and current probe fro OSD) I can only go 3 meters away with antenna collapsed.

    I will twist all wires apply suppressors (or chockers - I dont know the proper word) and try to make more separations between RC Rx and all other wires. Will try to update soon.
    P.S. I believe you have found the right person - Remzibi. Hope my trials will be helpfull somehow :)
  • I cant get it to work too. Now I am waing for the new ArduPilot - after arrival I will try once more.
  • Did you have any luck using the USB to TTL adapter that remzibi ships with the OSD loading code to the Ardupilot? I cant get it to work...
  • 3D Robotics
    Correct. It's the 1 after the W in the example above. If your NMEA generator isn't sending the GGA string, ArduPilot won't work.
  • There is a fix data flag inside the simulator code in $GPGGA sample:

    $GPRMC,232118.18,A,4115.1100,N,08148.9400,W,40,0,2 60209,4.5,A
    $GPGGA,232118.18,4115.1100,N,08148.9400,W,1,16,0.0 ,300,M,1.2,M,,0000

    As far as I understand (I dont know anything about programming) the parser code $GPGGA is used for fix flag and altitude and $GPRMC for lat and lon?
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