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Accelerometer tracking


Checking out Movi's Mimick mode is awesome. The closest I've come to it is fatshark's headtracking but it isn't exactly precise and there is a bit of lag.
I have seen builds that use wifi and bluetooth but what I am looking for is an accelerometer

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Photogrammetry with X8 and Nex-7


I have a 3DR X8 with APM 2.6 and I want to try using it for photogrammetry. My plan was to attach my NEX-7 underneath without my gimbal and operate the camera with my stratosnapper 2.

I am totaly fresh in this and wonder, I APM any good att photogra

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Arducopter 3.0.1 or 3.1.2

Hi, I have a few questions:

1) I recently uppdated my X8 (APM 2.6) via mission planer and only got the option for 3.0.1 stable. Is the 3.1.x not stable yet? Can I install it seperately?

2) When I uppdated I thought my motors would spin when armed but t

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gimbal setup on the 3DR X8


I have just started setting upp my 3 axis gimbal on the apm. Att first I was considering using my Tarot ZYX-GS controller but it is easier to connect straight to the APM.

I connect to rc11 and rc10. I will skipp pan untill later.

I run through the set

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3DR X8 startup issue

Hi everyone.

A few days ago I recieved my 3DR X8 and Started calibrating it yesterday. I have a few issues with it.

1: I cannot uppdate the firmware, it goes halfway and then says it can't connect. I know that it is RTF and is preloaded, I just wanted

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