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IRIS looses altitude during Loiter

This happens a lot with my IRIS, especially on windy days!

Just upgraded today to the latest beta FW, calibrated compass and acc, result the same.

Remote mid point etc are also good.

I looked at the logs myself, saw the EKF errors, not sure related but

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IRIS circle

Have anyone experienced this on IRIS?

Circle radius 0 (panorama) rate at 72, IRIS stops circling every 2-3 turns and does a 1/4 circle opposite direction as if it's trying to correct something.

I don't get this at slower rates like 18, 36, 54.

See video

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IRIS poor performance with loiter and circle

Has anyone experiencing fast altitude losses (around 10-20FT) when loitering close to ground, followed by an overshoot after if it tries to go back to the original altitude?

It also sometimes just hovers very close to ground after the altitude loss ha

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