Brandon, SD

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Some networking / computer background. fly fpv.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have built several quadcopters, used betaflight, emuflight, inav... Moving into more long range wings, thinking about 1.3ghz video, 433mhz control link. With a 4G connected Raspberry Pi onboard as a backup. Thinking about flying a balloon with a 5.8ghz video 2.4ghz control link as a Relay. Weight to thrust ratios, wind corrections, energy consumption. Recently with FAA interest I have been running into ADSB, and Software defined Radio, and thinking these things are going to solve a lot of issues. I don't think unique ID is bad, I think its good. However I do believe an obvious hobbyist on a DJI HD fpv quad that has a pretty tight range, and a short flight time should be exempt however due to proximity and property issues this gets pretty complicated.



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Oct 28, 2020