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Oscar replied to Dave Snowden's discussion How to set up the 3dr Bluetooth Module to receive telemetry from the APM 2.6
"It doesn't work for me either. Using HC-06, paired with tablet just don't connect whatever I'm using droidplanner or tower. But it works on Mission Planner. Baud rate to 57600, Rx to Tx, Tx to Rx"
Jun 27, 2015
Oscar replied to Oscar's discussion APM arms, but motor aren't spining
"No one knows?"
Jun 13, 2015
Oscar posted a discussion
After having replaced one esc that I burned because of a too hot soldering iron, APM arms but motor won't spin, except if I move the throttle stick up. When connected to MP, I have "system 1 is armed", but motors stay still. I can fly my copter, but…
Jun 9, 2015
Oscar replied to Oscar's discussion APM seems to reduce drastically my RC range using openlrs
"Nobody has an idea or met the same experience?"
Jun 1, 2015
Oscar posted a discussion
Hi everybody,I figured out that i get a very poor range while using openlrs (hawkeye Tx/Rx) with APM (mini arduflyer from rctimer). Indeed, I get a very good range while testing in the city (maybe 700m with a lot of batiments), but when I try again…
May 24, 2015