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.Live in CO Antrim, N Ireland near Lough Neagh.

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Live in CO Antrim, Ireland. Have always been interested in RC, and the explosion in Drone building and technology has really made this interesting. Started research from scratch just 6 weeks ago and have built my first Drone. A 550 Hexacopter, Running on a Pixhawk PX4, with 2212 920KV motors and 10" blades. Also fitted FPV with a varuiable output transmitter, Foxeer camera and Fat Shark antennas, to a Quanum Cyclops set of goggles. Just in the process of fitting a cheap Gimbal which has died before even fitted. I use a Taranis controller and an FRsky X8r rx. So far I have gor the Hex in the air, but I'm not happy with flight times, so working on the maths for combinations



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Paul posted a discussion
Hi.I have been flying for a few months, but have never set a failsafe on any of my 3 drones.I am looking at it now and I am a bit confused as to the right hing to do.Firstly. I want to set my failsafe to RTL for all eventualities.However, Should I…
Mar 19, 2017
Paul replied to Paul's discussion 2 issues, seeking clarification
"After yet another crash landing breaking an arm, my frame had taken enough.  It was more hot glue than carbon fibre by that stage! :-)
SO, stripped it down, refitted all the parts to a new Hex frame and re flashed with 3.4.1. I ran auto trim and…"
Nov 22, 2016
Paul replied to Paul's discussion 2 issues, seeking clarification
"Thanks Michael,
I really don't think this was a GPS issue unfortunately.  I have a large clear 1 acre paddock at the back of my house, I have a consistent 8-10 sat lock.  This issue when the motors refuse to spin down on landing has happened about 4…"
Nov 18, 2016
Paul replied to Paul's discussion 2 issues, seeking clarification
Nov 18, 2016
Paul posted a discussion
Hi,I am relatively new to this, but I have been flying my 550 Hexacopter for several weeks now.  I initially loaded APM 3.3.3, and have had no major issues except one.I noticed many comments about earlier versions of APM whereby While in Loiter or…
Nov 14, 2016