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I want to understand the state of the art to date and see how I can use my skills to help.


San Francisco, CA

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Paul Mikesell posted a discussion
Hi Guys!I recently received my brand new Arducopter quad D direct from udrones as listed here. I got the OSD/FPV option. My FPV seems to be working fine, but the minimOSD doesn't appear to be getting APM updates. It does initialize and connect to…
Apr 16, 2013
Paul Mikesell posted a discussion
Hi guys!  I'm justing getting in to ArduCopter. I'm a long time C software developer with some Arduino experience and a bit of a sabbatical coming up, so I'd like to contribute.  I don't do Windows if it can at all possibly be avoided, and spend…
Mar 31, 2013
Paul Mikesell posted a discussion
I just got my brand new ArduCopter quad from uDrones (http://www.udrones.com/product_p/acrtf2.htm). I'm a little confused about battery connection. The battery connector that it comes with is an XT60. Almost all of the batteries I can find (and…
Mar 29, 2013