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Paul is an electrical engineer with 20+ years of professional experience and a life-long passion for overly ambitious projects.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I make an Arduino compatible board called Teensy. Recently I've been asked by customers about processing PPM signals for RC flight control. Currently I'm working on an idea for a new library that, in theory, should be capable of simultaneously receiving and sending several of these signals with about a 20X improvement in accuracy compared with what's traditionally been done on 8-bit Arduino, by leveraging 32 bit ARM and vastly more capable on-chip timer hardware. My hope is to blog about the idea and code here, to solicit feedback and hopefully attract a few beta testers for this new library. If all goes well, in time this should develop into a low-cost, compact and light weight way to process these signals and control more servos with far better accuracy than has been easily available. Of course, this software development is targeting a board I make and sell, so this effort is far from purely non-commercial. The absolute last thing I want to do on any site is waste people's time with content that might be perceived as spam, so I am quite careful to keep this sorts of things focused on the technology. But you should be aware, before approving my request, of the commercial intent behind this software. Hopefully that's ok?



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Paul Stoffregen commented on Paul Stoffregen's blog post High-Res Multiple PPM Signal Library on Teensy 3.1
"@John - glad it's working out well. :)

@Phillip - I'm not really familiar with the details of those serial protocols. But if you have code that works on a 2.0 board but doesn't work on a 3.1 board, I can probably help with porting it to 3.1."
Mar 8, 2014
Paul Stoffregen commented on Paul Stoffregen's blog post High-Res Multiple PPM Signal Library on Teensy 3.1
"Great. Please let me know how it works for you?"
Mar 7, 2014
Paul Stoffregen posted a blog post
Recently I was asked about reading multiple PPM encoded signal streams, merging their data with other signals, and generating new PPM outputs.  I've writing a new PulsePosition library, which is in need of beta testers.The PulsePosition library is…
Mar 6, 2014