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Paulo Sousa replied to PatrikR's discussion APM and Command Line Interpreter problem

I actually had the same problem! I had to update to the current SVN version, because the Beta release had a bug with the Airspeed sensor and after updating I could not run the test in CLI mode. As the Beta version worked, it was obviously a bug…"
Nov 4, 2010
Paulo Sousa replied to Paulo Sousa's discussion ArduPilot Mega not working with 6V Battery
"I guess that I now have 2 options:
1. Use the internal power supply, if the drain will not go over 1A (the peak limit on the LM317);
2. Get an external power regulator, if the setup requires more than 1A;

Thanks for your clear feedback."
Oct 21, 2010
Paulo Sousa posted a discussion
Hi All,I got an ArduPilot Mega from SparkFun which seems to have a common problem with the firmware not being loaded correctly. The inputs could not be read and when changing to manual mode, the output and MUX light would twitch very rapidly.After…
Oct 20, 2010