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Industrial multirotor manufacturer wanted

Hello everyone!

We are updating our fleet of drones (from DJI Matrice 600) and looking for a reliable industrial multirotor supplier. Can you advise any manufacturer that fit our requirements? Do you have any good experience that you are willing to ad

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Best WiFi practices for drones (onboard PC)

Hello folks!

I've been recently trying to establish reliable WiFi communication between ground station and multicopter's onboad PC (in my case Odroid U4). My target is to have consistent connection between 0.5 - 1 MB/s in radius of 500 meters with cle

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Short question about MAVLink

Hello there!

I would like to add an additional sensor (that doesn't suppose to be used by autopilot) to my Pixhawk and add it to MAVLink protocol, so I need to study out the code and principles first. 

So my question regarding THIS instruction Step #3.

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