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counter rotating motor and prop set

this is a wonderful counter rotating BLDC motor and prop set ideally suited for planes between easystar and skywalker because of small footprint for the power equivalent 30xx size motors. it delivers 270 watts with 3S Lipo. the mounting would be bit tricky though. never tried but would order soon. very useful because prop diameter has to be restricted on pusher prop aircrafts with tail boom below the prop. once i get mine would put the performance parameters on the same blog. available at http://www.rcecho.com/aeo-model-1550kv-contra-rotating-brushless-motor.html


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rotary engines for UAV

hi friends, on 14 October 2011 there was an exhibition organized by some 20 UAV manufactruing companies in New Delhi, India. It was wonderful to have something like this in India. The technology dispalyed was amazing. there were fixed wings and rotary winged UAV's. The show was won by this twin cylinder rotary engine designed for UAV's. The manufacturer claims to having nil vibrations in the engine. a very important issue for IMU's in the autopilot.  beautiful engine with circular cross section and excellent cooling fins and  fuel injected. runs on petrol as well ATF. amazing. Weight? only 2700gms with air intake and muffler. from outside looks like a turbine engine. more details on www.cubewano.com. It's a british company. a dream engine.3689428590?profile=original

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Aluminum Housing for APM

3689426524?profile=originalhi friends, whenever we fly in automode using APM there is always some chance of a bad crash. we do lose some expensive equipment. APM is quite expensive for almost $400 and not counting the mid night hours that go in debugging. so i have worked on a aluminum APM housing which is quite strong with 1.5mm thickness and is sufficiently large to house the APM and the Rx. The external dimensions are L112xW53xH38mm. Weight is 106gms. The APM fits snugly into the width with enough space to place a Futaba size Rx. I place a Thomas Scherrer 12Rx inside which is quite large. The slots are CNC cut into  PCB grade aluminum anodized channel. slightly heavy but quite strong. he cost works to be high since it is not mass produced and the CNC guy charges lot of money for each piece. would find a way out to bring the cost down so our DIY Drones community can beniefit.

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