some good hardware for easystar fliers

there is some good hardware combinations for easystar FPV. this is motor 2835-2200KV, a 6x5 propeller and a beautiful 35mm aluminium spinner form a lawmate 1.2Ghz tranmitter and a lawmate camera from everything is working verywell with this combination. a 2200mAh zippy battery from just some information i wanted to share.3689419400?profile=original

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  • Very groovy Ravi. Good job with the Easystar as well!!
  • Nice, what kind of range does that Lawmate get you?

  • yes! i forgot to mention. the OSD is remzibi 1.48 with GPS (on the other wing) and ask me why, because.......... it takes telemetry protocol from APM2.0 (using auduino interface) so no hassle of lot of sensors. well! good idea when i transfer this stuff in combiantion with APM2.0 on skywalker. and chris as u pointed the rudder is small but right now is flying well i think becuase of very high speed of propeller (2200KV at 11.1V with 6x5 propeller).

  • T3 has some great hard to find items (5dbi 900hhz antenna) and their service so far has really been good.

  • 3D Robotics
    Love the spinner, but was surprised to see you've still got the original rudder. Don't you find it too small for that motor?
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