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Ray left a comment on Telemetry over cellular IP
"you can attach your android phone to the UAV and use apps like CloudCam as a mjpeg video link, it lets you choose the resolution and quality to get less lag. Also you can use Trackme to get a GPS position, altitude, speed and bearing and tracking…"
Mar 29, 2012
Ray replied to Ray's discussion Longest distance?
"im a toal newb so ill have a stupid question coz its hard to find this info> how does a basic UAV systeb setup looks like ? lets say i use the globalstar connection, i need to get a modem from them and connect it to the autopilot? also i found the…"
Mar 20, 2009
Ray posted a discussion
Its a very newby question but i got very interested in uav´s but i wanna push the limits a bit :p could somebody tell me how far can you control a uav,i would like to see it go atleast few hundred km/miles range, is it done by simple radio or the…
Mar 11, 2009