Dayton, OH

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PhD Candidate @ Wright State University, Dayton,OH,USA

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Specifically interested in Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI), Fault Tolerant Control(FTC) for single as well as distributed UAVs



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Remus Avram replied to Remus Avram's discussion Serial Buffer very laggy! Can you explain why?
"Hi Soren,
thank you for posting.
Using 3DRRadioConfig v1.0 I deselected the Mavlink checkbox when I configured the radios. By the way I just tried it with it selected and still no go. You say the radios break down the byte stream in whole frames.…"
Jun 25, 2014
Remus Avram posted a discussion
Hello all,I am using APM 2.5 with the 3DR radios. I am running the system at 100Hz with a BAUD rate of 57.6kbpsWhen I send messages from quad to a ground station PC I am able to attain almost flawless communication (only drawback about 100ms lag).…
Jun 25, 2014
Remus Avram replied to James's discussion xBee + APM 2.5Serial Transmission woes
I'm glad for you. I should have mentioned that we can send out messages from APM 2.5 via XBee but we can't receive. Although our approach is more raw than yours (we don't use mission planner or any other GUI) I'd like to try out our setup in…"
Mar 31, 2014
Remus Avram replied to James's discussion xBee + APM 2.5Serial Transmission woes

I am a part of a similar team here at Wright State University. We are also trying to use XBee, specifically XBee S2, 2.4MHz (low range, high airspeed). I have also performed all the tests you mentioned and it all fails when we connect XBee…"
Mar 31, 2014
Remus Avram left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"Hi all. Other than reading code line-by-line is there a manual/hierarchy of the ArduCopter code? How about a manual for the ports of the APM 2.5 and how to address them? My goal is to gut down lots of the code and I'd like to get closer to…"
May 7, 2013