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Mechanical Engineer - Pilot -

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Started doing uav 10 years ago flying RC airplane 40 yrs RC Heli 20 years



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Richard Friedrich posted a discussion
I have a problem with the compass. I believe mine does not work right.If I look at the flight data screen, I can see the compass swing left and right as I move the nose of the airplane. Then if I set the plane down the compass creeps back to 73…
Oct 19, 2012
Richard Friedrich posted a discussion
Is there a way to on purpose fly out of radio range (long photo mission)?I did this with a home brew pic project I built about 12 years ago. What does the apm 2.5 do if you turn the radio TX  off while it is flying a programmed GPS way point…
Aug 4, 2012