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Started out building electric RC cars, then started with Nitro and on to full two stroke petrol cars had a small interest in model planes at a young age but never got into it. Started when I was given a small indoor heli and found to be a natural. brought a couple more and started flying out side. I then found the DJI Phantom as had a friends nephew who brought his out and chased one of my petrol cars on a field I used and showed me the video of it and I started to look into UAV more and decided seen as I never had anything off my dad that I would build a Hexcopter with my step son as his dad never does anything with him apart from take him to the ballpit and maccies.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

This is very high and teaching myself about them and would like to go into designing and building my own copters and teaching people that are not as up with teaching themselves something new.



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Ritchie Taylor Wesson commented on Mark Harrison's blog post Latest report on FAA causes extended eye-rolling in drone community
"It seems it all about whos getting paid at the end of it all. If its the end user "been you and i" (the pilots) then questions are asked. If the bloke sitting at a desk in his pressed suit and has never flown a RC aircraft in his live get paid there…"
Dec 24, 2014