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Born in a Family of aeronautical engineer . I get involved in flying RC and fullscale airplanes. And now get interested in UAV developement

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Sandra B commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post DIYDrones Magnetometer issue resolution
"I get my magnetometer the 12January.
I didn't had time test it before this post , so I did the change today . It was looking quite easy.
But It seems I failed The module seems to be short circuit now.
the voltage on the input drop when I connect it…"
Jan 31, 2011
Sandra B replied to Vikram's discussion RMAT utilization for display of roll and pitch

I thing that to have de right angle you need to know witch is the order of the euler angles you need regarding to the physics of you gimball.

if the gimball . is suspend you will have
- first a yaw rotation around Y
- then a tilt rotation…"
Oct 13, 2009
Sandra B replied to Dante's discussion ICDWarn0020: Invalid target device id (expected=0x101, read=0x0)
"Hello ,

Just for information. ( the same problem append to me now )

I have a green board and never had problem to program it with my original ICD3 and a custom made cable.

But since I tryed to program an other board with a dspic33 on it .
Oct 11, 2009
Sandra B replied to William Premerlani's discussion Using UAV DevBoard serial port Tx interrupts
"It seems quite a good way to send the telemetry to ground with a Xbee

As I am quite new in C30
But I just wondering about db_index it seems to be declared local in void debug_output( void )

I suppose its declared global somewhere else to be…"
Oct 8, 2009
Sandra B commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post VicaCopter 4
"It look nice to begin with . But I looked at the code and also de doc directory inside. but could even not read the doc . Is that a doc you need a special linux reader ?
May be its better for me to continue on easier project like the well documented…"
Jul 5, 2009