Farnborough, Hampshire

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Aerospace engineer working for QinetiQ. I'm specifically a systems engineer specializing in UAVs and autonomy.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Currently working on a few projects at home. Main project right now with my APM is a basic quadrotor. My fav is a tri-rotor platform just started designing. I'm also looking at playing with a coaxial platfrom at somepoint.


Glasgow, Scotland

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Scott Findlay posted a discussion
Having issues getting my quad to stabilize with standard ESCs that only support 50Hz updates. Anyone else using 50Hz ESC and managed to get it to work?
May 28, 2011
Scott Findlay posted a discussion
I'm using a homemade Quad with the beta3 code following the guide for a clean setup but I'm having major issues getting the PWM output to work right or at all. I though it may be H/W at first so I calibrated my ESCs, tried them directly (from…
May 18, 2011
Scott Findlay commented on Scott Findlay's blog post Solving PPM issues with APM boards
"Ah, yeah thanks for pointing that out, I forgot to check the 1280. The 328 should be fine at that voltage and that’s what I checked, but I forgot about the 1280!
Hmm, I guess my solution is to go with powering the radio gear separately then.

As for…"
Oct 11, 2010
Scott Findlay commented on Scott Findlay's blog post Solving PPM issues with APM boards
"The main reason was that I'm building a quad so I'm not sure I want the failsafe functionality. I was thinking then that I may want to disable it in the code to be sure. I've also been programming (in C/C++, not arduino) avr and avr32's for a while…"
Oct 10, 2010
Scott Findlay posted a blog post
So I get my new APM in the post, excitedly open it connect a few servos, upload the dancing firmware test and.... nothing. Jitter and a crazy flashing mux led.Anyway to cut a long story short it seems the PPM chip has not been programmed right by…
Oct 10, 2010
Scott Findlay posted a discussion
Hey guys,I've just finished building my APM and have been going through the manual step by step. I seem to have hit an issue with the servo output for the dancing servo test. Ch1-4 are really jittery but 5-8 work fine. I guess it has something to do…
Oct 7, 2010