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Sean Wagner posted a discussion
Bot_thoughts helped me get this one running with the standalone code found here:http://code.google.com/p/bt-optical-flow-sensor/It's happily sending useable streams of pixels to the Arduino.Strangely enough though, the dx and dy values (for the…
Apr 25, 2012
Sean Wagner posted a discussion
My libraries are in the right place, and I've tried compiling the sketch with both the Arduino 1.0 relaxed as well as the Arduino 0.22 relaxed version. Arduino Mega2560 selected.Reference from the sketch:/*  Example of AP_OpticalFlow library.  Code…
Mar 15, 2012
Sean Wagner commented on Geoffrey L. Barrows's blog post New ArduEye using Stonyman image sensor chips
"The combination of an evolving Arduino platform with a flexible, fast, and evolving modular optical sensor line certainly looks promising. I'd like to procure and test one for use as an intelligent bubble detector as soon as you can deliver - this…"
Feb 29, 2012