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Local quad "expert" asserts that there will be a series of major incidents worldwide using "drones" in the next 6 months. 

CAA (NZ) says drone technology has outpaced its regulations and it needs to move with haste to get new rules in place to keep our air space both safe and under some sort of control.

News article with video.

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New Sparkfun Toys - Atomic IMU 6 DoF

New IMU offered by Sparkfun here. I think this board has some great potential that could lead to some all singing, all dancing Arduino-native IMU.The fact that this IMU is built around the ATMege 168 makes me think that it could be re-flashed to become some sort of "ArduIMU" board, and even run a ported version of the "Premerlani-Bizard robust direction cosine matrix estimator / MatrixNav firmware" as per this suggestion.Perhaps this board could be partnered with the ArduPilot, the IMU doing its thing, and the ArduPilot providing GPS info and servo driving?Anyone got any opinions for or against this? Or even better, technical reasons why this a) won't work, or b) is an awesome idea! :DSimon
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