Local quad "expert" asserts that there will be a series of major incidents worldwide using "drones" in the next 6 months. 

CAA (NZ) says drone technology has outpaced its regulations and it needs to move with haste to get new rules in place to keep our air space both safe and under some sort of control.

News article with video.

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  • Ok I finally found a way to let you read the draft Document from CAA....

    https://www.facebook.com/download/1462145317338764/interim_rpas_pdf...   CAA Draft Doc

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    Actually, the Stewart character was from the show MADtv, and was played by Michael McDonald much more recently (1998-2008)
    Sorry for being a smart-ass, it's just that I loved that character. (I supposed I worried I might act a bit like him)
  • This man has some VERY valid points! He and his kind are a very good reason for legislation. Reminds me of an American Comedy show in the 1980's called "In Living Color". A character there called "Stewart" had a famous line "Look what I can do" when in fact he could really do nothing but endanger others with his childlike, attention grabbing, many time dangerous actions.


  • And stupidity moves forward. Obviously this is a publicity stunt and the stupid press is the perfect clown idiot for them. 


  • I don't think it would be terrible if some sort of regulation such as the FCC has imposed on Amateur Radio would be a bad idea. Pretty much just have people take a test on rules and prove that they can fly and get licensed. I've been a Ham Radio operator for 20 years and that never really seemed like a hassle to me. 

    There are more than ever so many crazy people like this guy who fly without having any idea what they're doing... What kind of idiot uses the 24ghz wifi on his gopro 3 while flying? Then he points out while flicking his sticks again that they're operation on the 24ghz band which is really busy and if you lose the signal it will fall out of the sky. Even though the model he's flying will in fact come home if it has a gps lock or slowly lower out of the sky.

  • What and ass! He's probably just mad that he crashed his Phantom. If I can't fly then nobody can!

  • But yeah some points are valid... you do need to know what youre doing... happy flying

  • Global Meltdown... haha

    And TV remotes use wifi? Hmmm mines is infrared im sure.

    Also, the Blade QX, in video, uses 2.4ghz and he has the GOPRO wifi remote on his TX. Doesnt this control run 2.4ghz too? So any flyaway away issue may be caused by that clash of frequency.

    Not done the drone community any favours at all

  • @darrell wow ..... just wow.

    your right i was talking about the operators certificate, i can see now why so many decide its not worth it.

    depends what your doing and what your projected profit margins are i guess

  • The reality is that its not the enthusiast that is the problem. They will do their home work and join forums and clubs and do the right thing. Because of the consumerisation of this sport people think they are toys and just buy them and try to fly, without knowing their capabilities, dangers and rules for flying them. I agree with the stick flicking of this guy - he is not a pilot with experience and should be grounded....lol

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