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Communicating with APM

Me, again - I think I am thickI have been trying to get this working - at present the following:1. Compiled and downloaded (34840 bytes) the stock standard RC1. Downloads 100%.2. Power up from USB, without any ESCs connected i.e. only the Receiver an

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Mixing ESCs

Guidance please,One M2MPower ESC will not see the Receiver (AMP not in loop yet) - so just beeps away (Alert tone 2) - the rest armed perfectly - so I assume its faulty - will have to get another one - Agree?I have some other escs around - can you mi

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ArduCopter Shipping?

Not sure if this is discussed elsewhere, but I ordered a ArduCopter full electronics on 17th Nov from FahPah. It is still in processing on site. I have tried contacting them and have had not response for the last week. So does anyone know are they sh

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