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Sun Jing posted a blog post
I was wondering what kinda of extra instrumentation would be required to use the ArduIMU as the autopilot for an autonomous aerial vehicle. I was also interesed in the benefits of the IMU vs. the thermopile concerning takeoff and landing from water,…
Nov 7, 2009
Sun Jing posted a discussion
I currently have a Seawind model that is remote controlled. I was wondering if anyone had any input as far as recommended components or methods. This project is difficult because of the autonomous water landing, which I am also interested in hearing…
Oct 30, 2009
Sun Jing posted a discussion
I currently have a working UAV, and I was wondering if there was any information on water proofing of an existing UAV system. I was also curious if there was anyone who knew any methods of automous landing on water. It seems to present difficulties…
Oct 8, 2009
Sun Jing posted a discussion
The basics for flying a UAV are well illustrated on this page, but I can't find any references concerning one touching down on the water without pontoons. If anyone had any insight into the problem or any constructive suggestions it would be much…
Sep 28, 2009
Sun Jing posted a discussion
I am an engineering student who has limited knowledge of UAVs. I was looking for a basic list of suggested components and systems for a UAV, or if I could find some reputable sources on the topic and where to look.
Sep 20, 2009