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Can anyone elaborate more on this setting. MP only states: "Maximum lean angle in all flight modes" and the posts here on DIY is mostly about turning it up.

I was looking to turn it down. The setup I am flying with is Auto mode with slow speeds, and t

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JDrones - Offline?


8 days ago I ordered a telemetry kit and some antennas. 

My order is still Processing. I wrote 2 mails to JDrones support. No answer. 

Does anyone know if this is a normal processing time when shopping at JDrones? 

Best Regards

Sune Nielsen

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USB3 (microB) "tensionless" cable?


Im working on a gimbal that needs a USB3 (microB) cable from camera to frame. I bought 5 different kinds, but they are all stiff as hell. 

Currently im removing shielding from 2 cables but im not sure how much it will affect the signal. 

Does anyone

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