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I am Thierry YABI, monitoring and evaluation coordinator with Catholic Relief Services (Development organization) in West Africa (Benin and Togo).

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Among other action, my organization is preparing to start a project to support the productivity of cashew farmers in Benin. As part of this project, we should strengthen the capacity of farmers to adopt improved farming techniques and technologies (Conservation / technical climate smart agricultural, plantation management Improved: better weeding and pruning technologies; Improved Utilization of varieties for grafting). A major indicator to address for the project is "Number of hectares under Improved techniques/technologies as result of the project." The huge issue is that agriculture is still very rudimentary in Benin, farmers do not even know the exact size of their farms, no plantation standard is respected (gap between plants, etc.), so Some fields are so thick that it is difficult and dangerous (snake) to venture into certain areas; making it very difficult to measure this indicator by conventional means. This is why we are thinking to use of drones to carry out this measure. Please note that even if the measure of soil quality, water resources, health and needs of trees, etc. could be of some use for the support to be given to farmers; the first challenge for us in relation to the use of drones is the assessment with precision of planted areas in general and of ones under these particular techniques and technologies. Question 1: Which UAV model do you advise us and which of your equipment (cameras, sensors ...) can better help to capture the needed information? How much would it cost? Intervention areas consist of a large number of very small farms (more than 2,500), ranging from less than one hectare to over 20 hectares, with a total area of about 5,000 hectares. These farms are located in 5 towns in a circumscribed circle with a radius of about 250 Km. We will have a period of two months to evaluate the initial whole situation of the intervention area above described. Also, the evolution of this indicator should be followed twice a year. Question 2: in your point of view, how many drones would be needed for these operations? And how many operators should we have? Is there a possibility of training of trainers on the use of your UAVs?


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I am M&E for an intervention which would like to capture the number of hectares under specific techniques/technologies (Conservation / technical climate smart agricultural, plantation management Improved: better weeding and pruning technologies;…
Aug 5, 2015