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Tim commented on Chris Anderson's blog post More powerful Pixhawk 3 coming soon
"The community effort on solo is blazing forward fulfilling many of the promises that 3DR made to the consumer.
We could however continue to support 3DR more if they were to release the remaining code for the gimbal and IMX
This would benefit both…"
Apr 27, 2017
Tim commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Solo NAB announcements: new cameras, power tether, software, more
"Why did you take it to a local shop and not work with 3DR service?
something does not smell right

I too wish this camera was available outside the enterprise addition, hopefully someone can help fill that gap"
May 3, 2016
Tim commented on Jose Alberto Soler's blog post DJI targeting the commercial market again
"DJI is trying to counter 3DRs move to Commercial
DroneCode will do just fine against them"
Apr 18, 2016