Duluth, GA

About Me:

I was bankrupt and homeless....with nothing to lose I decided to pursue my dream job of a technology consultant. So in 2000 I started Atlanta Technology Force, Inc. with a passion of teaching businesses how to best leverage technology in order to become more efficient and effective in their day to day operations.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I built and flew my first quadcopter (DraganFlyer Kit) which auto level, auto landing and FPV back in 2005.......I used to customize and tweak the frame and even created carbon fiber replacement blades because the ones that came with the quad were pretty much styrofoam and tore apart easily.......then I had kids and my business began to grow! Within the last year I found my old DraganFlyer in a closet and decided to rebuild it. While doing research to determine what new things are available with todays technology I was blown away by Chris Anderson's pursuit of assisted/autonomous flight. I am inspired by Chris and all of you in this community to build a business that leverages US (Unmanned Systems) for the benefit of businesses and consumers. US is less expensive, safer and allows businesses and consumers to do things that was not possible just 3 years ago.......now we only have to get the United States government to allow private industry to use UAS (unmanned aerial systems) for internal or for hire use. Good luck to all of us on this one (even the hobbyist are going to feel the change on this regulation)!


Augusta, GA