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More and more government drone pilot and technician jobs are being advertised. If you are a school or training institution, you may wish to commission a build by people who are already supplying government drones. But what about the costs you say? Like many things, it depends on what you want, who you know and how charming you are. If you are a pilot, mechanic, school, startup or government agency on a tight budget, you can still look sleek and dominate at a fraction of the usual cost.

Airframes somewhat similar to these can be commissioned surprisingly cheaply. They look the part on the ground and in the air. There is ample space for telematics and avionics. If you are a designer and manufacturer of these electronic devices, having a test platform that looks the part can make all the difference when it comes to closing sales.

o, who can help with this and more? Tommy! Tommy owns TMMY Scale Composites in Lamphung, Thailand. Lamphung is a short drive or train ride from serene and picturesque Chiang Mai. Tommy’s first question will be which airfoil do you want? 

Should you want to train or train others on a platform that looks big bureaucracy without breaking the bank, contact Tommy at: Tmmy Scale Composite

266 Mu1 T.Muang NGA A.muang
Lamphun Thailand 51000
Tel. +6681 344-1534


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Educational and advertising vessel (drone)

I am talking to a Science Museum about constructing an unmanned boat to navigate a waterway. It would be a fun way to introduce this sort of automation to the public. As this waterway is surrounded by trendy shops, bars, restaurants and condos, we are also thinking of doing advertising using LED and/or LCD displays to promote the science center. At night, there is very little traffic. The little traffic there is is from one or two ferries. For navigation, I am thinking of a GPS, of course, and ultrasonic range finders to avoid collisions. Any comments are welcomed. Thank you!
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