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Hex screwing up again.

So far I have not gotten much help from here but I will try again. Can anyone explain what its doing from the attached log? Looks like it attempted to hit WP 1 then got confused, half assed it to WP 2 (missed by a long shot) then just decided it want

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3dr hex copter stabilize issue

Whenever im in stabalize mode with the arducopter autopilot it is extremley slow to react. It also stops it self from tilting past a certain point so if there is any wind I cant even correct for it. It wont drop a side enough to move against the wind

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hex not doing what I want.

When I initiate the auto mode the copter fist seems to rotate and fly with thw front facing off to the side. From my standpoint it seemed to hit the first way point and instead of comeing back to thw second one that was closer it just continued on. I

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copter taking weird routes to gps coord

Cant seem to figure this one out. Today it resultes in contact with the side of a house and more than a few broken parts. Problem is you set a gps coord or a route, sometimes it flys to it as you set it. Via the line drawn between points. Every once

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